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About CaliKo Creations

Hello and Welcome to Caliko Creations!


My name is Callie, and my favourite things to do are painting, photography and  enjoying the occasional glass of Rose or Pinot Gris!


Up until April 2023 these things used to be what I enjoyed doing in my free time outside of my day job but now this has become my day job and I love it!


Previously I worked in the very busy corporate office world, so it was then that I found that painting was a fabulous form of therapy and escapism after a stressful week at work and it really  helped me to unwind and relax as I got lost in the colours on the pallet and canvas.

I started hosting my own paint 'n' wine' parties in 2020 after a few friends  strongly twisted my painting arm to take up their idea of me hosting paint 'n' wine events for them where we could BYO beverages and nibbles in our own comfort zones. It turned out that this was a fantastic Idea! (Ample wine, nibbles and laughs with friends and acquaintances were added bonuses. Sometimes Pina Colada's and Pizza were also consumed!)

Over time  our little group grew bigger as friends of our friends and then their friends joined in on our group sessions and so with ongoing encouragement and support from these fabulous ladies I can now invite YOU to join in on the fun and therapy too!

Advertised Paint 'n' Wine Events are held at a licensed club premise, but you can also have your very own private event - Check out the Private Events tab at the top of this page to see what is on offer.

As a self-taught artist, I am not a professionally qualified teacher, but I can offer you and your friends and colleagues some general painting guidance and tips and tricks on using paint and brushes whilst you unwind, relax, laugh and step away from your troubles for a couple of hours. You can also enjoy a tipple of two to help get your creative juices flowing!

Being a long term sufferer of anxiety, I hope that by hosting these events I will inspire others like you to keep fighting the fight. 

Cheers! :-) 

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